A New Asset Class

Natively-digital assets and public blockchains are a new asset class and global market infrastructure. Creating a new form of globally fungible super collateral and an entirely new financial system intermediated by code and technology protocols.


John Dwyer provides consultancy services on Bitcoin and digital assets including the implications for portfolio construction, the evolution of market structure, and liquidity.

Clients include HNW, hedge funds, and market infrastructures.

John Dwyer
John Dwyer
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About John Dwyer

John Dwyer is the founder of Inflxion.io. He is a crypto/digital asset researcher, analyst, and speaker.

John was Global Digital Assets Research Lead at Celent, the fintech research division of Oliver Wyman.

Between 2015-2020, John published extensive research around the implications of blockchain technology for collateral & capital markets, integration with gold, central-bank digital currency, and crypto derivatives.

John’s 2016 report on Central Bank Digital Currency explored the inevitability of central banks leveraging new financial architecture to accelerate inflation via: sub-zero interest rates; abolition of physical cash; liberalization of access to central bank balance sheets, digital fiscal stimulus; and programmable ‘melting money’. The global race is accelerating to turn these concepts into a reality.

Prior to digital assets, John held senior roles in equity capital markets (ECM) in investment banking including:

  • Head of Emerging Europe ECM, Macquarie Capital;
  • Head of Natural Resources ECM, Macquarie Capital;
  • Head of MENA ECM, Goldman Sachs International.
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Bitcoin’s Embedded Optionality

John Dwyer writes about Bitcoin’s embedded optionality as the potential digital currency underpinning the future financial system and the next incarnation of the Internet.

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The Development of Digital Assets & their Implications for Portfolio Construction

John Dwyer speaking at the 72nd CFA Institute Annual Conference in 2019. He covers digital assets and public blockchain as a new investable asset class and an emerging global capital market infrastructure. John also speaks about the digital asset taxonomy and the implications for portfolio construction.


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